Choose a Reliable HVAC Technician to Service Your AC System

Choose a Reliable HVAC Technician to Service Your AC System

Climate Solutions can work on any make and model in Mt. Sterling & Winchester, KY

Climate Solutions, LLC provides affordable air conditioning repairs for residential and commercial properties. We won’t just patch up your HVAC system—our team will give you a “true climate solution” that will ensure your AC operates efficiently.

We also provide a one-year warranty on our work. If you experience any issues with your AC units after we’ve worked on them, we’ll come back and fix them.

Contact us today for more information about our residential and commercial air conditioning repairs in Mt. Sterling & Winchester, KY.

We offer biannual and quarterly maintenance, too

In addition to our HVAC repairs, Climate Solutions also provides maintenance services to make sure your AC keeps functioning properly. We’ll visit your property in the spring to:

  • Inspect Your Unit
  • Clean It
  • Change the Filters

We offer cleaning on a quarterly basis, but we can change your filters anytime. Climate Solutions offers discounts for preventive maintenance services, as well.

Call us today for dependable air conditioning service for your Mt. Sterling & Winchester, KY home or business.